History of NLJRC

Historical of NLJRC


  • Prof. Lei Shu as "Visiting Professor" in University of Lincoln.
  • Prof. Lei Shu and Prof. Timothy Gordon discussed the PhD student joint training program.
  • 01


  • Prof. Lei Shu started to co-supervise PhD student Zhiqiang Huo.
  • 02


  • Prof. Lei Shu received the "Lincoln Professor" certificate from Prof. David Cobham.
  • 03


  • Under the witness of President Fadi Chen, Prof. Lei Shu joined NAU.
  • Prepared to establish the NAU-Lincoln Joint Research Center .
  • 04


  • President Fadi Chen met with Prof. Timothy Gordon and Prof. Simon Pearson in NAU.
  • 05


  • Prof. Libby John, vice chancellor of Lincoln University, signed a MOU with Prof. Feng Hu, vice president of NAU, to launch a joint research center at NAU.
  • 06


  • Dr. Ramana Sundara, from Lincoln Institute for Agri-Food Technology, visited NAU.
  • 07


  • Prof. Xiaochan Wang and Prof. Lei Shu visited University of Lincoln.
  • 08


  • Ms. Xuefang Yi and Dr. Kai Huang visited University of Lincoln and met with the experts: Mr David May, Dr Ramana Sundara, Prof Mini C. Saaj, Prof Tim Gordon, Dr Michael Gallimore, Dr Edmond Nurellari, and Prof Simon Pearson.
  • 09


  • Prof. Shu received the letter from Deputy Vice Chancellor Prof. Andrew Hunter to further renew his Visiting Professorship of the School of Engineering, College of Science, University of Lincoln, UK.
  • 10


  • Zhiqiang Huo received the Ph.D. degree from University of Lincoln, U.K.

    Co-supervisor:    Dr. Yu Zhang,  Prof. Timothy Gordon,  Prof. Lei Shu
  • 11


  • Yuanhao Sun and Chao Qi received funding from CSC. They became the Joint Training Student of Nanjing Agricultural University and Lincoln University.
  • 12